I want to thank you, Andreia, for the wonderful time we’ve had at Karuna Center.

I want to thank you, Andreia, for the wonderful time we’ve had at Karuna Center.

It was the first time I’ve contacted Kundalini Yoga and it was amazing! I’ve felt like I had my eyes closed, and you’ve opened them for me.
You, with all your kindness, love and understanding, showed me a few “magic” tools I can practice to achieve a better understanding of myself and others, to live a better life.

Madalena Machado – Portugal

The experience at your retreat was wonderful

The experience at your retreat was wonderful. You were able to point out a block to me I was largely unaware of. In fact, even after the retreat I realised another block and was able to deal with using your teachings. Overall it’s been a profound experience. I’d recommend it to everyone taking their spiritual journey serious.

Daan Akse – Netherlands

Testimonial 6 – Ashley

‘I recommend Andreia highly for work that is needed to bring you to your highest point of self, but also to recognise the leadership abilities in your life, that now more than ever are needed in Ireland as well as on a global scale. A Thousand Blessing to you Andreia, and thank you…’ ’

Ashley O’Neil – Ireland

Testimonial 5 – Rochelle

‘Andreia I just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance during the coaching sessions. You helped me uncover and deal with some issues I wasn’t previously aware of, that were blocking me. The sessions paired with your book were the perfect combination to help me on my path to happiness. 🙂 I am still using the book after the sessions to continue and am looking forward to returning for another Reiki session sometime 🙂 Thanks! ’

Rochelle Carr – Ireland

Testimonial 4 – Laura

‘I just had the most wonderful Reiki treatment with Andreia today and she brought so much healing in just one session. She is able to pick up emotions that are hidden and bring them up to surface in order to find the root and causes that are creating those blockages. She also provided me with lots of tools and guided me to do some ‘extra work’ at home to improve my condition. Forever grateful for the beautiful treatment that I had with you! Much love and gratitude.’

Laura Gil Romero – Spain

Testimonial 3 – Elisa

‘If your soul needs help to find a clear direction, if you are looking for someone who can help with pure love and understanding, Andreia is the best. I am always so thankful to have met her on my path. #love’

Elisa Scollica – Italy

Testimonial 2 – Ruth

‘I actually cannot put into words how powerful the meditations, kriyas and mantras are. Kundalini yoga opens you up to the deepest most honest connection to the most important person in your life… you. 
Thank you Andreia for this wonderful gift I cannot recommend you enough. Sat nam ’

Ruth Dixon – Ireland

Testimonial 1 – Sinead

‘I would thoroughly recommend anyone to go to Andreia who is seeking clarity and purpose in their life. She uses a unique combination of skills to bring to the fore that which is blocking you and also how to show you the way forward.’

Sinead Prendergast – Ireland

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