Andreia Lara was born in Lisbon and from young age faced a number of challenges that would lead her to transform herself and her life. She is certified as a Life Coach, NLP practitioner (with Richard Bandler), IET and Magnifying Healing practitioner, Reiki Master, Louise L Hay facilitator and teacher of Kundalini Yoga + Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan (KRI certified 200+hours). After an event with Anthony Robbins in 2012 she took the decision to change her life. She decided to move to London and follow her Purpose. Through her work, she has discovered her gift of assisting people to unblock suffering and move on with their lives. She recently self-published a book, 21 Days to Let Your Brilliance Shine, which can be used as a daily practice for reigniting your inner flame.

Today Andreia is based in Dublin offering Spiritual Life Coaching sessions, Reiki Courses and Kundalini Yoga and Mediation classes and workshops.


Her mission is to elevate, inspire and transform people inside out.

“I deeply believe that our reality is influenced by our thoughts, belief system, emotional and spiritual bodies. My commitment is to help transform that part of you that no longer serves you so you can manifest the life you love.”

Andreia Lara

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