Elevate by definition means to move or raise to a higher place or position; lift up! So how can we elevate ourselves and simultaneously elevate others? Is this possible?

Absolutely yes!

My point here is to show you that by bringing awareness to yourself, you’re bringing awareness to others. All energy work that you’re doing in yourself you’re doing to others as well… and why? Because we’re empath beings. Whatever we are doing with our physical, emotional and psychological bodies others can cope with.

On the other hand, we are all mirrors. So by elevating others, we are elevating ourselves. It’s inevitable.

Steps to elevate yourself and others:

  1. Be an example and ‘walk your talk’. By walking your talk, you’re not focusing on others outcome and it means you’re able to focus on your path and by doing it so you’re giving ‘permission’ to others do the same!
  2. Speak your truth. By not saying what others want to hear but actually liberating yourself from what others think or not, you’re bringing conscious communication into your relationships. So by speaking your true feelings and thoughts no matter what, you’re clearing the path. By clearing the path, you’re raising energy with your truth. Others will immediately respond in the same way.
  3. Be Yourself. When you give up on pleasing others and start to live from your heart, you will lift others. By being yourself and not trying to be like someone else, you will respect yourself and others. By respecting yourself you are elevating others.
  4. Communicate with others from your higher self. Every time you communicate with others without feelings of being superior or inferior, you’re communicating with your higher self. Means communicating with a neutral mind, without judgment and free from attachments or ego. When you do it so, other’s immediately will elevate. Consider also Silence as a way to communicate with your higher self.
  5. Have a humble heart. This means being of service to others with an open heart. Others will feel it and lift their energy.

I hope this elevates you and inspires you!



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