During the last week, several people asked me how are things with me? How Am I doing with my ‘business’?

Do I have many people in my classes? How am I doing to live without having a ‘job’?

So I felt to share some personal insights around how I’ve been guided to lead my work, as I feel this is important for those who want to start a holistic business.
1 – Appreciate where you are in your journey
It is through self-appreciation that we become more aware and in union with who we are. So wherever you are, just remind yourself that this is the place you ‘should’ be in order to move into the next step.
2 – Respect your nature
I believe we all born with natural and unique skills. By respecting our ‘uniqueness’ others will respect us as a response.
3 – Tell the Truth
It is through your Truth that others will recognize you.
Remember ‘like attracts like’.
4 – Be patient
Be patient with yourself and others, as we are all imperfect. There are no ‘wrong’ people on our way…
Obstacles and difficult people are there to help you evolve or change direction.
Others are there to serve you and your highest good.
5 – Surrender
I believe in destiny.
I believe there is a force bigger than us and we are not in control of.
I believe that all happens for our highest good and everyone’s highest good.
So let go control and trust.
Some days things don’t go as we wish… and some days we are in complete flow.
Accept all as it is and surrender to your destiny. Believe me, it is worthy!
6 – Listen what the universe is telling you
Listen to your body. Connect with your body.
Pay attention to the messages from the universe… I mean literally…
E-mails that drop in, people, situations, circumstances and instead of interpreting so you can react and control… just create a state of understanding what is as it is… as it is for your highest good.
7 – Expect nothing
Sometimes we adopt a posture that we win or we lose… black or white… that person should do this or that…
If things don’t go as you expected, create the habit of move on with grace.
This means honor whatever happened and dwell in God’s grace.
Expectations generate suffering.
Suffering brings more suffering…
If you believe life is a matter of winning or losing you will be in suffering.
All will be provided to you when you expect absolutely nothing.
When you figure out this… you will be living in the perfect flow of existence.
8- Be inspired
Be inspired means leave ‘in spirit’ or letting yourself be guided and filled by Spirit.
When you let go preconceptions of who you should become, you will allow Spirit to fill your mind and body.
It is through silence, retreat, meditation, walking in nature, yoga, connecting with yourself, that you’ll truly allow Spirit work through you and in consequence, Spirit will always help you along the way! Trust!
I would like to finish by saying if one day Spirit shows me signs that the best for me is to have a job … I will totally surrender.
There is nothing enlightened in resisting to the universe because the response to resistance is actually chaos. So by being present to the flow and respect what is… as it is… is actually living in the Light and working to my highest good and everyone’s highest good!

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