Yesterday, while giving my Wednesday class, I have emerged from this vibration and sensation of group chanting in a way that I wasn’t conscious before…

I couldn’t really understand but it was as if all voices were a vibrational eco from the universe inside my head. As if new information was literally being printed in my aura… Phenomenal experience!

I’ve been chanting mantras since 2012 in a very intensive way, majority ‘solo’ and with kundalini yoga, I’d say more intensely group chanting since 2016. Normally I felt my own insights, sensations… in others words, it was more about individual experience and benefits… but yesterday I literally felt the conscious expansion of the chanting (Sat Nam Wahe Guru) as I never experienced before!

Here are some insightful benefits of group chanting:

  • All mantra repetitions are multiplied by the number of people in the room. For example, we were 10 people yesterday, so each  ‘Sat Nam Wahe Guru’ is multiplied by 10. WOW!
  • Chanting out loud in a group it helps purify the energetic blocks faster, amplifying the healing benefits.
  • If you’re individually chanting at home when you stop chanting you have one experience. If you’re in a group chanting when you stop you will have a totally different one… the silence after is more than silence. There’s an alchemy in the air that penetrates fast in our auras.
  • You stop being the observer and become a participant. Something powerful shifts in your psyche.
  • Chanting mantra is a high-frequency vibration that is invited into your magnetic field. When repeated with intention, mantras affect the nervous system and the consciousness, becoming a powerful tool for collective healing and transformation.

I hope this inspires you to find a group or start your own group chanting 🙂 Miracles will follow!

Love to all!

Sat Nam






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